Divine Sex Introduction Part 1

The Western world has looked to the Christian Bible for guidance and clarity for thousands of years. However the human realities surrounding the Good Book has affected how we view “Biblical sexual morality.” In Mark 7:8-9, Jesus addresses the Pharisees as “neglecting the commandment of God…[they] hold to the tradition of men….you set aside the commandment of God in […]

Divine Sex Foreward-David and Bathsheba What Ifs and Concluding Thoughts

Philo next lays out a whole section on page vii dedicated to “what if” David, Uriah (Bathsheba’s husband), and/or Bathsheba did this or that, would that be sin? He then sums it up with this: “The issue is actually very simple. The Bible specifically says that to look with the desire to possess what belongs […]

Divine Sex Foreward – Questions (Part 3)

Philo’s continuing questions focus on the meaning of sexual stimulation and lust: “How do we come to Bible/God honoring conclusions on issues like these:” (vi) “A woman displays her body for the admiration and even sexual excitement of a man. What is her moral and spiritual condition? Is she a sinner because of that act?” […]

Divine Sex- Foreward (Questions Part 2)

Philo continues with his questions that came up within his pastoral counseling sessions: “Why is it unthinkable to watch humans copulate? God sees animals have sex every day and pays no attention to it. God also sees humans having sex everyday and pays no attention to it except for those situations in which humans do […]