Hurricane Sandy and the Vital Act of Preparedness

Hurricane Sandy has taught many in the Northeast a hard lesson regarding what happens when prepping isn’t taken seriously. These links talk about the dumpster diving, miles long lines to get rationed gas, defecating in apartment halls, rampant looting, the NYC Marathon debacle by NYC Mayor Bloomberg, and much more as this storm ravaged the Northeast.

Sandy is Obama’s Katrina: FEMA Response a Supply Chain Disaster That Fuels Growing Anger of Victims

‘When are We Gonna Get Some ‘F**king Help?: Furious Residents Confront Bloomberg

Neil Cavuto exposes horrifying devastation in Staten Island: Sanitation Workers discovering ‘bodies’ in piles of debris

Sandy Exposes False God of Big Government

These are the shockingly long gas lines in New York and New Jersey after Sandy


Chaos reigns at free-gas fiasco

Falling Temps add urgency to Superstorm recovery


Hurricane Sandy: Inflatable Plugs Might Have Minimized New York City Subway Flooding (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Hurricane Sandy’s nightmare for commuters should soon end

Hurricane Sandy Blackouts Drop to 2.6 Million, DOE Says

Post-Hurricane Sandy gas lines reminiscent of 1970s

Christie Institutes Odd-Even Gas Rationing In 12 NJ Counties

Gov. Christie announces odd-even rationing for gasoline

New Jersey residents face 70s-style gas rationing as drivers are offered free  fuel at mobile stations around New York
Hurricane Sandy update: Gas rationing begins and 1.4 million still without power

Expert Warns of ‘Gunfire’ If Gas Shortages Continue

Gas Lines, Gouging and Hurricane Sandy: Keeping Prices Low Means Nobody Gets Fuel

Chris Christie Orders Gas Rationing In Some Counties

Lights in Manhattan, Despair Elsewhere

Gas Shortage Lingers, Crippling Aid Organizations And Recovery Effort

Roughly 1.2M still without power in NJ

Hardship Strains Emotions in New York

Temperatures Drop, Tempers Rise as Sandy Power Outages Linger

Gas trucks arrive in New York City (Video)

Belleville Council ratifies town gas rationing along with nightly curfew

U.S. to allow extra oil tankers to ease storm woes

Frustrated Sandy Victims Beg for Supplies, Officials Say Fuel Is on the Way

Should the Northeast resort to gas rationing?

Hurricane Sandy Wireless Emergency Alerts: Why Only Some People Got Them

Smart Survival Tips for Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy Power Outage Food Storage And Safety: What To Do And When To Do It

Township’s Emergency Preparation Checklist for Hurricane Sandy
Get ready for Hurricane Sandy, experts warn

Hurricane Sandy: Are You Prepared?

‘We need food, we need clothing’

Individual preparedness, not Big Government ‘management,’ would have helped most

Senators: Send Emergency Food Assistance Now

Panic Buying Grips the East Coast: Mad Rush for Supplies Ahead of Mega-Storm

CBS Trying to start panic ?: Resident Warns People Will Be ‘Fighting In The Streets’ For Gas, Food In Sandy Wake

Disasters Create Bigger, Not Better, Government

Dear Government employees.  Here is some items I have added to your list regarding hurricane Sandy.

Are You Prepared? Here Are the Five Things You Need to Survive a Natural Disaster

Emergency preparedness checklist for perfect storm Hurricane Sandy – Here’s what you need to get NOW

New York fuel “panic” grows even as ports open, reserves tapped

6-US Taps reservs to calm NY, NJ fuel “panic” post Sandy

Stranded New Yorkers Are Defecating in Apartment Buildings

Hurricane Sandy, You’re Making Me Nervous!

Anarchy Along The Jersey Shore And On Long Island In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

State troopers deployed as tensions boil at gas stations in Sandy’s wake

Shameless Looters Display Stolen Goods On Twitter

Prepping for Hurricane Sandy: Handling “What If” Thoughts

NWS in New Jersey Issues Intense, Guilt-Inducing ALL CAPS Warning About Hurricane Sandy

Unrest growing among NJ, NY citizens

Sandy forces diseased rats out of subway?

Video: See the exact moment the lights went out in NYC

NYC Power Expected to Be Out For Days, Looters Take Advantage, and Gas Shortages Loom

Heartbreaking: Starving New Yorkers Reduced to Dumpster Diving in Sandy’s Aftermath

Case in point: Why bureaucrats shouldn’t be left to manage disasters

A State-By-State Snapshot of Superstorm Sandy’s Massive Destruction

Incredible Stories and Pics: This Is What Beck’s Mercury One Charity Found (and Is Doing) When It Went to Help Hurricane Victims

New Englanders gear up for Sandy

Tired of dark, Sandy victims head to loved ones

A day after Sandy, New Yorkers find a changed city

Widespread Frustration over NYC, NJ Response to Sandy Devastation

Sandy-Starved New Yorkers Dumpster Dive

Chaos Reigns in Brooklyn During Sandy Cleanup

Brooklyn Residents In Fear Of Looters Pretending To Be FEMA Workers

Sandy Update: Transformer Appears to Blow in New York City

U.S. tests water pollution post-Sandy

NBC Diverts Sandy Resources from Desperate Staten Island to Celeb Party/Fundraiser

The Lack of Storm Help on Staten Island Right Now Is Quickly Becoming the Major Story of Sandy: ‘It’s Disgusting’

Photos: Frustrated New Yorkers Wait Hours For National Guard To Distribute Food, Water

UPDATE: Today’s Bus Bridge Line Is Not As Crazy As This Video From Yesterday

FLASHBACK: Stephen Colbert mocks food insurance, preppers

Really?!: Bloomberg diverts resources to NYC Marathon while city struggles to recover – UPDATED

Staten Island fury: Official blasts Red Cross response after Sandy as a ‘disgrace’

Anger: “We need help immediately!”

What Hurricane Sandy Reveals About the Future of Preparedness

Beck Delivers Blistering Message to NYC Mayor As City Prepares for Marathon Amid Disaster: ‘Shove It Up Your A**’

New York City Marathon Is Canceled Amid Public Outcry

NJ Counties Implement Gas-Rationing System as Fuel Shortage Grips Northeast (And Wait Until You See the Lines)

Are You Ready for Hurricane Sandy: 6 Quick Tips

How to Prepare for a Hurricane? Some Lessons that Preppers can learn from Hurricane Sandy 

Gas Shortage and More Bodies Mar Sandy Recovery

Sandy Gas Shortage Causing Panic, Long Lines

Gas Shortages, Long Lines Adding to Storm’s Misery

Fuel Scarce, East Coast struggles to recover from storm

Keynesian: Hurricane Sandy Good for Economy

Krauthammer Slams Obama Over Hurricane Sandy Photo-Op

Bloomberg Says NYC Marathon Must Go On Despite Sandy

Hurricane Sandy darkens U.S. markets for first time since 9/11

Electricity Begins Returning to the NYC Area (But 280,000 Are Still Without Power)

Gun Grabber Schumer’s Photo Op with Desperate Sandy Victim

Bad Information’: Chris Christie Explains Story of Why Non-Union Alabama Utility Workers Told Not to Help

Memo to New Yorkers: If those who helped you after the hurricane had listened to liberal schmucks like this guy, you’d be dead

New York Hotel Turns Away Marathon Runners With Reservations to Keep Evacuees Sheltered

New York City Council member warns Sandy looters will face extreme repercussions

Before-and-After Photos of Sandy’s Destruction of the Jersey Shoreline

New Jersey kicks out Sandy volunteers because they aren’t unionized

Napolitano Uses Effects Of Sandy To Promote Cybersecurity Executive Order

Reports of Sandy Looting Begin Trickling In

Looters Plague Hurricane Victims Post-Sandy

NYT on Hurricane Sandy: We’re Doomed Without FEMA and Big Government

Congressman Wants $12 Billion for FEMA and Sandy Added to National Debt

Anti-gun Bloomberg turns down help from the gun-toting National Guard

See what one app reveals about Manhattan power outages and cell service

Flood Destruction in Staten Island Could Be Much Worse than We Think (Updated)

Non-union good samaritan electrical workers turned away by union workers

Man Accused of Pulling Gun, Trying to Cut in NYC Gas Line

Stu doesn’t have a lot of faith in New Yorkers to weather Hurricane Sandy

Sandy, Bloody Sandy: Megastorm Day Two

Media Selectively Edits Chuck Schumer out of Sandy Victim’s Pleas for Help

Sandy Causes 300,000+ Gallon Oil Spill on U.S. East Coast

Hurricane Sandy Grounds Thousands of Flights

Sandy Causes Electrical Fire In NJ

Sandy Flattens Houses in NYC’s Famed Coney Island

Is Staten Island Hurricane Sandy’s Superdome?

Staten Island in Disarray After 19 Sandy-Related Deaths

Power, transit outages will increase Sandy’s costs

Potential for Sandy scams prompts warnings

From the Sky: Sandy’s wrath along NJ shore

Sandy prompts harrowing NYC hospital evacuation

Superstorm Sandy

Region hit by Sandy struggles to resume daily life

Where’s Kanye? Poor New Yorkers Claim They’re Being Ignored In Sandy Aftermath

Sandy Update: New York Flooding Triggers Car Alarms

Devastation: Superstorm Sandy’s Strongest Pictures

Sandy takes out 25 pct of cell towers

Sandy leaves death, damp and darkness in wake

Broadway lights go up in post-Sandy NYC

DC’s National Mall largely unaffected by Sandy

Sandy Stalls Stock Trading for Two Days

Sandy Shuts Down Flights, Leaves Travelers Stranded Worldwide

Romney Collects Food For Sandy Victims

Staten Island has grim Sandy aftermath

Gas stations scramble in Sandy’s aftermath

5 Unusual Ways Sandy Victims Are Charging Cellphones (See the Photos)

Is this the most touching image from Hurricane Sandy?

NYC’s Bellevue Hospital Set to Evacuate 700 Patients in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

WSJ responds to NYT’s anti-Romney Sandy editorial

Obama’s ‘Occupy Election’ Moment?

8 Videos of Hurricane Victims Surveying the Aftermath

Benghazi or Sandy? Obama says ‘we leave nobody behind’

Dramatic New Video Surfaces of the Massive Manhattan Power Plant Explosion

Chris Christie Gets Emotional About New Jersey Hurricane Devastation – These Aerial Photos Show Why

Here are the top 5 Best Ways to Avoid Post-Sandy Scams

Devastation: Death Toll From Sandy’s Wrath Rises, More Than 8 Million Without Power

These 10 Inspiring Photos Show the Heroes of Superstorm Sandy

Bill Clinton Again Uses Hurricane Sandy in Anti-GOP Political Speech

NYTimes Uses Hurricane Sandy to Bash Mitt Romney: ‘Big Storm Requires Big Government’

Could Next Week’s Election Be Delayed By Sandy?

NYTimes uses Sandy to make the case for big government, against Romney

The Most Incredible Hurricane Sandy Photos from Overnight and This Morning

Obama signs disaster declarations for NJ, NY

‘One for the Record Books’: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Hurricane the Day After

Wild Video: Sandy Forces NYC Apartment Building Facade to Collapse

Bad News: Parts of New York City Could Be Without Power for Up to a Week

Manhattan Goes Dark: See the Stunning Photos of NY Under Water

Landfall: Superstorm Sandy Pounds the East Coast, First Deaths Reported

20 People Who Had Their Day Ruined By Hurricane Sandy & 10 People Who Didn’t

Could Hurricane Sandy Cost Obama the Election?

These Pictures of an Abandoned Grand Central Terminal and Empty New York City Subways Are Slightly Creepy

This Is Google’s Interactive ‘Crisis Map’ — A Real-Time Tool That Will Help You Prepare for & Monitor Hurricane Sandy

Gangs Plan Hurricane Looting Spree Via Twitter

2 NYC tunnels are closing at 2 p.m. Monday

Romney-Ryan Reportedly Using Campaign Bus to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief

Power returning after Sandy but weariness grows

Bloomberg Orders Partial NYC Evacuation Ahead of Hurricane Sandy, 6- to 11- Foot Storm Surge Predicted

Get Ready: Forecasters Predict ‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Set to Hit U.S. Will Be Worse Than the 1991 ‘Perfect Storm’

Sandy could delay jobs report

Improper Generator Use Causing Post-Sandy Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths

Hurricane Sandy: Divine Wind for Obama

Obama Ordered DHS to Control Hurricanes

Could Hurricane Sandy be Weather Modification at Work?

New York paralyzed as Sandy slams into US; 13 dead

#Sandy #hurricane drill by #ARRL in #NY back in 1997 ? #HAARP |via WECA,ORG & others

NYT on Hurricane Sandy: We’re Doomed Without FEMA and Big Government

1990s East Coast Hurricane Drill Named “Sandy”

Congressman Wants $12 Billion for FEMA and Sandy Added to National Debt

Fed to the Rescue? ‘QE Sandy’

Sandy Closes Down New York Nuclear Plant

Border Agencies Halt Enforcement Actions in Sandy Evacuations

Frankenstorm Sandy Brewing Towards East Coast

Hurricane Sandy darkens U.S. markets for first time since 9/11

Bloomberg Says NYC Marathon Must Go On Despite Sandy

Gallup suspends daily tracking poll ‘due to the ongoing effects of superstorm Sandy’

Sandy may pose threat to East Coast voters

Sandy shifts into high gear

Gasoline jumps as Sandy threatens

Keeping food safe if Sandy cuts power

Muslim clerics debate rejoicing over Hurricane Sandy

Hero hospital staff saved 20 babies in Sandy

Hurricane Sandy death toll climbs to 70

Keynesian: Hurricane Sandy Good for Economy

Krauthammer Slams Obama Over Hurricane Sandy Photo-Op

HAARP Engineering ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy – CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!!

Worst Case Scenario: Hurricane Sandy Is The Biggest Storm Ever To Hit The Northeast

What al Qaeda Fans Have to Say About Hurricane Sandy

18 Startling Quotes About The Incredible Destruction Caused By Hurricane Sandy

East Coast braces for ‘$1B’ storm as Hurricane Sandy barrels through Bahamas

watch Hurricane Sandy unleash her fury on roads, buildings and trees from the  safety of our own homes

The $100 Billion Storm: 17 Things You Should Know About Hurricane Sandy

New York asks feds to cover all storm costs

Sandy plunges NYC into darkness

New York City Marathon cancelled

BP CEO: Oil firms to ‘bounce back’ after Sandy

This New Yorker Had A Front Row Seat For Both Hurricane Sandy And 9/11

Brent oil price up over $109 as Hurricane Sandy threatens partial operation shutdown

Prepping For “Sandy” on M.V. Off Cape Cod…

Northeast Braces for Monster Storm

Forecasters predict nor’easter may hit East Coast election day

Sandy-Fueled Superstorm Is October Surprise in Presidential Race

‘Superstorm’ leaves dozens dead, millions in dark

Could Sandy change outcome of prez race?

Obama uses storm for campaign

What Did You Eat During Hurricane Sandy?

Lindsay Lohan Asks Why Everyone Is Panicking About Hurricane Sandy

Home Survival Skills, Frankenstorm Edition: Dealing
With Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy: Food safety, closed stores, anti-price gouging

Hurricane Sandy could leave people ‘fighting in the streets’ for basic  necessities like food, gas
Hurricane Sandy: emergency shelter opens in Hunterdon County

ALERT: Food Bank For New York City Continues Critical Food Distribution Post Hurricane Sandy

Officials fear many won’t evacuate for Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy Strengthens, CL&P is Prepared – Are You?

Hurricane Sandy: Freaky forecast prompts state of emergency declarations

Hurricane Sandy: New York declares state of emergency , urge residents to stock up food

Philly Mayor Nutter Declares State Of Emergency As Sandy Approaches

Hurricane Sandy Survival Guide: 10 Things Not to Leave Home Without

Hurricane Sandy: How to prepare and what to do if the power goes out

10 Ways to Get Ready for Hurricane Sandy

Before Hurricane Sandy ‘Frankenstorm’ hits : What to take along if you must evacuate
Hurricane Sandy: Hospitals adopt emergency plans

Hurricane Sandy Looting, Fights Plague South Brooklyn (PHOTOS)

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Scattered reports of looting in areas of New York,
New Jersey

People devising looting sprees via Twitter in wake of Hurricane Sandy may find armed resistance waiting for them

Looting Reported At South Street Seaport After Last Night’s Hurricane Sandy Surge

The moment a man crawled from the wreckage of a building destroyed by Superstorm  Sandy… and was promptly arrested for looting

Hurricane Sandy reportedly prompts looting in Howard Beach

Coney Island Plagued With Looting After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy looting, the lost word

Staten Island Residents Fear Looting as Hurricane Sandy Clean Up Continues
Post-Storm Brooklyn Looting Shows Importance Of Gun Rights, Says SAF
Hurricane Sandy aftermath: Looting, rescues and rising death toll

Live gas blog: Hurricane Sandy causes massive lines at N.J. gas stations

Hurricane Sandy: Emergency funding announced for clean-up activities

Hurricane Sandy: Superheroes of the superstorm

20,254 Flights Canceled Due to Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy’s Fallout: What About Rikers Island?

Using Hurricane Sandy to promote sales prompts backlash for online retailers  like American Apparel, Gap

Chaos reigns at free-gas fiasco


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