Introduction to “Divine Sex” by Philo Thelos

I have only a few Christian books that I would want to keep no matter what.

Divine Sex  by Philo Thelos is in my top five.

In this brave book, Philo takes on the idolization of human preferences and human rules to God’s rules as to what makes a thing sinful or not regarding sexuality. He clearly shows Christian sexual ethics via the 2 prong rule:

  1. God’s “written law is the only acceptable legal code for human behavior.”
  2. “If His law has not codified a thing as sin, then it is not a sin unless it violates Christ’s “Law of Love”- whatever would harm other people or dishonor God. (pages 1-3).

Over the upcoming weeks, I will be covering this book. Its message desperately needs to be heard throughout Christendom!


Thelos, Philo. Divine Sex: Liberating Sex from Religious Tradition. Trafford Publishing, Victoria, British Columbia: 2002. ISBN: 1-55395-400-9.




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